Every year throughout the Village, many children enjoy the tradition of going door-to-door collecting candy on Halloween.  Unfortunately, incidents can occur that ruin this holiday for some people.  While this conduct is rare and usually caused by a small number of older youth, the impact of the vandalism, litter and disruptive behavior negatively affects the quality of life in an entire neighborhood.

With this in mind, the official trick-or-treating hours on Halloween (Monday, October 31st) are 4–8 p.m., after which children should head home and residents are requested to turn off their front porch lights.

Parents should spend a few minutes stressing to their children that Halloween is not an excuse to become involved in disorderly activity. One night of so-called fun can quickly get out of hand and result in property damage, injury and arrest.

With your cooperation and support, everyone can enjoy this holiday.

If you witness groups congregating or suspicious activity, call 630-0911.  In an EMERGENCY, dial 9-1-1.

We hope you have a fun and safe evening.


Click on the link for halloween-safety-tips.