April Mystery Tool Answer

This is a pre-electric toaster. One piece of toast goes on each side, so you can toast 4 pieces at once. I can also see, using my modern slice of bread, that these toasters, from the early 1900s (when this kind was popular), were made for much smaller slices. You can use this on a gas burner or even in the oven.



April Mystery Tool

If you have electricity you don’t need one of these!

Some of you will recognize it right away, especially if you are a camper.

Check back tomorrow for the answer.


Save the Date

The peonies around the Flint House believe it really is spring, and the azaleas are starting to leaf out. Only a month until the Spring Open House on Sunday, May 15, from 1-4. More information about activities will be announced soon!



Play ball

Baseball season started this week, so let’s go back over 100 years and take a look at the Village of Scotia team.


Back row, left to right: unknown, Martin Ferguson, Frank Berning, Richard Van Huysen, Ralph Hoyt, Alvin Spitzer

Front row, left to right: unknown, Edgar Eagnor, Arthur Jackson, Edward Beller

Here’s another article about early Scotia baseball, published in 1967.