100 Years Ago at the Village Board (plus a picture)

I found this picture of a GE gathering dated 1916–I’m not familiar with the abbreviated organization they are representing, however. If you know what the initials stand for, send me a message: historian@villageofscotiany.gov.


Here are the edited notes from the Village Board for September and October, 1916.

September 1, 1916

Payment to the Schenectady County State Highway repair fund ($305.53); a refund to a village resident for an incorrect tax assessment ($1.50); settlement of an assessment problem with the New York Central Railroad (assessment of property to stand at $180,000); and the usual list of monthly bills.

They also decided that a request be sent to the Town (Glenville) Board to have the Town Highway Commissioner confer with the Village Commissioner of Streets as to “the proper steps to be taken to improve the conditions of Reynolds St.”

They also reviewed the financials for the previous 6 months.

September 18. 1916

A request for water mains to be extended in Marcelis Ave. was referred to the Water Committee for the next year’s budget.

The hearing on Sacandaga Rd. paving opened at 8:30, no objections were made, and the hearing was closed.

Notice was received about a hearing on special franchise equalization to be held at Albany on Sept. 27. The Village Attorney was requested to attend and oppose “anything which may occur at said hearing detrimental to the interests of the Village of Scotia.”

Bills were presented and approved for payment.

October 2, 1916

Various routine financial matters were taken up, including payments on sewer contracts, and bills were presented and approved for payment.

The Water Committee was instructed to have the outside of the water tank painted with one coat of graphite paint at a cost not to exceed $60.

Rent to be paid on the safe deposit box at Schenectady Trust Company.

October 16, 1916

Pay the school tax on Village property.

Pay $50 for Fire Department inspection.

Pay James Bliss a reimbursement for sewer expenses on Holmes St., $29.55.

The usual bimonthly bills.

After investigation, it is determined that the sidewalk and pavement near the curb at the southwest corner of Mohawk and Ballston Ave. are not in the proper position. It needs to be corrected with the proper foundation.

Also attached to these minutes is a copy of a document requesting the State Highway Department to improve Sacandaga Road by paving it in concrete.



Village Sex Offender List

In an ongoing effort to keep our children and community safe, especially with Halloween approaching, the Scotia Police Department is providing information on the registered sex offenders listed below who reside in the Village, as permitted by state law.

Below their name/address is a link to their profile (including photo) on the state sex offender registry.

Anyone who uses this information to harass or commit a crime against these individuals may be subject to prosecution.

The New York state sex offender registry is online at http://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/SomsSUBDirectory/search_index.jsp

This information is current as of October 24, 2016.

Scotia, Pennsylvania


We’re not the only Scotia in the U.S., and this summer I happened to drive by the one in Pennsylvania. It’s very close to the town of State College, in the central part of the state.

It was founded in the 1880s by Andrew Carnegie to mine iron ore. He named it after his native Scotland. The mining business ended in the 1920s, but was revived for a short while around WW2. It was abandoned and is now state land known as PA State Game Lands #173.

Above is what it looks like today.

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Save the Date

The Fall Open House at the Flint House will be on November 12.  I’ll post more info soon!

Sometimes after the corn is bent and cut it will send up a new stalk.