Total Eclipse 1806

Hope you were able to enjoy some eclipse viewing!
There was a total eclipse in 1806 in Scotia, and here is a link to an account of that event.
The next total eclipse near us is April 8, 2024. We will just miss totality, but Syracuse is not far away!

Flint House Barns

As you stroll around the Flint House grounds, try to imagine what it was like as a working broomcorn farm. This is the only photo we have of the barns behind the house. It was in the Saturday Globe, Utica, May 1901, with the story of the David Reynolds murder. The caption tells some of the details.

Old View of the Flint House #2

This view is probably the early 1910s, but the date (as well as where the original photograph is located now) is unknown. You can see the back section has been reduced, though it’s still 2 stories at this point; the porch has been rebuilt—the porch today is based on this design—and the north chimney is still in its original position inside the house. Today, of course, we see this chimney on the outside, where it was moved by Miss Flint. The south chimney remains in its original interior position.

The Historian’s office has very few historic photos of the Flint House. If you have any (from any period up to about 1990) among your personal photos, I’d love to see them! Contact me through the village office, or email