Fall Festival Music Update


The Musicians of Ma’alwyck will be playing selections from all centuries of Scotia’s history, tomorrow at 1:30 at the Flint House.

From Purcell and Dowland to Mozart and “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” there will be something for everyone.

For this concert the musicians will be Ann-Marie Barker Schwartz, director & violin; Norman Thibodeau, flute; Sten Isachsen, guitar; and Max Caplin, keyboard.

Come earlier for tours, ice cream, and beer!

The Fall Festival runs from 11 to 3.

Summer Recap 2

SCCC Kids Archaeology Camp in July found the foundation corners of the old back extension at the Flint House. Learn more at the Fall Festival on Sunday.

Broomcorn harvest

Next step in the broomcorn harvest is bending the stalks over until we’re ready to cut them. That keeps the brush together in tidier clumps. You can see in picture 2 that gravity caused the unbent stalk on the left to splay out and dry into a very unbroom-like shape. The one on the right will stay in that more useful shape once it’s bent. 

The seeds will have to be combed out—you can give that a try on Sunday at the Fall Festival! (See previous posts.)

Fall Festival Update—Yes we have free Stewart’s sundaes, and more

Starting at noon on Sept. 23 we have two great food items for you!

First, for the whole family, we have free Stewart’s make-your-own ice cream sundaes! From noon until the ice cream is gone. Thanks Stewart’s!

Second, for the adults in the crowd, Wolf Hollow Brewing will be offering beer tasting and selling beer by the glass. To celebrate our 360th anniversary, they are trying a new special brew for the first time.

“Our Lead Brewer came up with an exciting cask-conditioned beer.  It is our Oktoberfest beer fermented with black strap molasses and a bit of licorice which is reminiscent of colonial times in terms of the ingredients and process.” The name hasn’t been revealed yet.

Stop by for a taste!