Summer Recap 2

SCCC Kids Archaeology Camp in July found the foundation corners of the old back extension at the Flint House. Learn more at the Fall Festival on Sunday.

Broomcorn harvest

Next step in the broomcorn harvest is bending the stalks over until we’re ready to cut them. That keeps the brush together in tidier clumps. You can see in picture 2 that gravity caused the unbent stalk on the left to splay out and dry into a very unbroom-like shape. The one on the right will stay in that more useful shape once it’s bent. 

The seeds will have to be combed out—you can give that a try on Sunday at the Fall Festival! (See previous posts.)

Fall Festival Update—Yes we have free Stewart’s sundaes, and more

Starting at noon on Sept. 23 we have two great food items for you!

First, for the whole family, we have free Stewart’s make-your-own ice cream sundaes! From noon until the ice cream is gone. Thanks Stewart’s!

Second, for the adults in the crowd, Wolf Hollow Brewing will be offering beer tasting and selling beer by the glass. To celebrate our 360th anniversary, they are trying a new special brew for the first time.

“Our Lead Brewer came up with an exciting cask-conditioned beer.  It is our Oktoberfest beer fermented with black strap molasses and a bit of licorice which is reminiscent of colonial times in terms of the ingredients and process.” The name hasn’t been revealed yet.

Stop by for a taste!

Collins Lake Sunset Canoe Trip on September 10

Collins Lake Sunset Canoe Trip

Monday, September 10, 5:30 p.m.

Join Dr. Peter Tobiessen for a late afternoon canoe/kayak tour and get an on-lake crash course in lake ecology with an emphasis on the biological history of Collins Lake. Enjoy this late summer day exploring the plants and animals that live around and in the water, and get your questions about Collins Lake answered. You can also bring a picnic and stay until the sun sets at 7:15.

Bring your own canoe or kayak, or pair up with someone who has one, and meet at the large parking lot next to the lake.

A limited number of kayaks and a canoe are available to borrow from the Village, and can be reserved by calling the Village Hall at 518-374-1071.

In case of severe weather, the rain date is September 11, and it will be posted at after 3pm on Monday.

Dr. Tobiessen is Professor Emeritus at Union College, and is a researcher and writer on Collins Lake and lake ecology.

Open House on Saturday, June 23

Stop by this Saturday, June 23, for Open House at the Flint House. From 1-4 p.m. we will be open for tours and the SCCC Archaeology class will be showing what they have discovered during their exploration of the Flint House grounds this spring. There will be a craft project for kids, and in honor of  High School graduation we’ll also bring out some of our Scotia school memorabilia.

The Flint House is at 421 S. Reynolds St., and is one of the oldest buildings in the Village.

Hope to see you there!

The Camp

Schenectady was, from the beginning, a busy place, standing at the intersection of the north-south and east-west water routes through New York. Before 1800, the fastest and easiest way to move people and goods was by water, and travelers to and from the west came through here. The Camp was a large area along the Mohawk River (today the area to the west of the Glen-Sanders Mansion, from Mohawk Ave. south to the river’s edge, and west to approximately S. Reynolds St.). The Camp was used as a mustering ground for almost 150 years. Native war parties camped here, colonial forces during the French and Indian Wars, and the Continental Army in the Revolution. The Mohawk Valley Militia, active during the War of 1812, also camped here.

The largest force was that of Sir Jeffery Amherst in 1760—6000 Americans and 4000 British with 200 boats—on their way to capture Montreal. That’s many more people than live in Scotia today.

The Markers Speak, John J. Birch

The sign is at the corner of S. Ballston Ave. and Sanders Ave.

Welcome summer

Celebrate summer at the Flint House Open House on June 23, 1-4. More info soon!

We will be growing broomcorn, flax, and hops this year.

SCCC at the Flint House

The Flint House is welcoming the Archaeological Field Work class from SCCC on Tuesday evenings until the middle of June. They will be exploring mostly in the back of the house and we hope they find some interesting artifacts.