100 Years Ago at the Village Board, Sept-Oct, 1917

Village of Scotia Board Meetings (summary) Sept-Oct, 1917

September 4

Pay Ellis B. Edgar $835.53, 86% of sewer contract completed.
Advertise for bids for construction of Third St. sidewalk that was not completed by the owners.
Street Commissioner instructed to fix Catherine St. between Ten Broeck and Center to do away with water hole.
Clerk instructed to sell the 1 ½ “ centrifugal pump at the Pumping Station for $60.
Payroll and list of bills approved.

September 17

Bids for $10,000 worth of Village of Scotia Bonds opened and read—bid of H.A. Kahler & Co. accepted with a bid of $100.18, interest at rate of 4.9% per annum.
Sidewalk construction bids (2). Bid given to D. G. Belcher.
Resolution: Board to serve as committee to talk to State Highway and to Schenectady County about paving Sacandaga Rd. Property owners and village citizens to act if these meetings fail to get action.
Erik Olsen petitioned to construct a sewer from the end of Ten Broeck (s. of Riverside) to his house at 44 Ten Broeck, to be inspected by the Superintendent of Sewers. He will submit the expenses to the Village upon completion.
Nicholas & Elizabeth Paone, whose assessment was in error as the house had burned, were refunded 94 cents in taxes.
Ellis B. Edgar to be paid the final payment on sewer work.
George E. VanVorst to be paid for completing plumbing and heating at the Engineer’s Residence at the Water Works Pumping Station.
Clerk to purchase one copy of Bender’s Village Laws 1917 edition (Matthew Bender Co.) for $6.50.
President authorized to have the sidewalk on Center St. on the property of N.I. Skinkle adjusted to the proper grade.
Street Commissioner is to charge 35 cents per load for all Village dirt delivered on private property.
Payroll and bills approved for payment.

Special Meeting Sept. 27

Legal forms and paperwork related to the previous resolution about the Screening Chamber and Outfall Sewer bonds.
Interest (2 payments of $24.50) to be paid in “gold coin of the United States of America of the present standard weight and fineness.”

October 1, 1917

Petition for sidewalks on Ballston St. to be referred to Street Committee.
GE completed pumping outfit installation except for leak in one of the joints. Pay 90% until fixed.
Payroll and bills approved.

October 15, 1917

Pay James Haley & Sons for completing the house on Scotia Water Works property.
Pay Ellis B Edgar for 85% of sewer work done.
Contract with New York Central Rail Road to access their land to lay and maintain 18” terra cotta sewer pipes under the tracks at Iroquois St., 3960 feet west of the Schenectady station. Cost $10.
Payroll and bills approved.

December Mystery Tool

December Mystery Tool—Take it outside to do some home repair before winter (you probably don’t want to use it when it’s raining or icy).

David F. Reese Portrait

Portrait of David F. Reese, who lived at today’s Flint House, painted by Earl Bridges of Albany, NY in 1837. The Schenectady County Historical Society owns the painting, and we will be able to make a reproduction to hang in the house. (Thanks to Susanna Fout and the SCHS!)

The Reese family was prominent in the local broomcorn and broom industry in Scotia/Glenville in the mid-1800s.

David Reese was born Dec. 16, 1796, and with his age of 40 prominently inscribed on the back it’s easy to date. He died on Oct. 14, 1867.

The canvas is 24 X 30, and the elaborate frame adds another 5 inches to each side.

The painting was originally donated to the Schenectady Museum in March, 1947 by Mrs. John


Fall Open House on Saturday

Open House at the Flint House

Saturday, October 14, 1-4 p.m.

Stop by for a tour of the Flint House and learn about the history of Scotia and the Mohawk Valley broomcorn industry. There will be a craft project for kids, and, depending on the weather, artists painting outside on the lawn.

The Flint House is one of the oldest buildings in Scotia, and the park land surrounding it has been farmed for hundreds of years.

The address is 421 S. Reynolds Street in Scotia.

Here is one of Lillian Flint’s elf pictures. We have several more–as well as some of the actual elves–in the house

September Mystery Tool Answer

These are thumb cuffs, for controlling prisoners. Never as common as hand cuffs! This pair is a style from the early 1900s. (I couldn’t find a picture online showing how these look when in use.)


100 Years Ago at the Village Board

Village Board Minutes, July and August 1917

July 2

Proposed tax rate for 1917 to be $1.34 per $100 of assessed valuation. This will bring in a total of $30, 395.89, to be divided among all the funds:

General fund 8, 376.78
Water fund 3, 029.39
Sewer fund 6, 657.73
Street fund 5, 680.56
Drainage Sewer fund 1, 606.85
Fire fund 1, 472.42
Light fund 2, 589.23
Health fund 982.93


Village Treasurer Nelson H. Toll read the list of street assessments, due May 1st, which remain unpaid. It was resolved that these assessments, representing the fifth installment of the assessment for paving, curbing and grading Mohawk Avenue and Schon-o-we Ave. (formerly the Dike) and the third installment of the assessment for paving, curbing and grading Ballston St., be added to the tax levy for those properties for 1917, as well as any unpaid assessments from 1916 [corrections had been made to the 1916 list].
The Village Clerk will order fifty 5/8-inch Keystone Water meters from the Pittsburgh Water Company, as per contract.
Ellis B. Edgar to be paid $1,967.58 as 85% of the work is done on the sewer contract.
Report of State Underwriters Association on survey of Water and Fire Departments was read. Referred to Board of Fire Commissioners and Water Committee for comment and suggestions.
Read report and approved plans with permit received from State Department of Health for new outlet sewer system. Orders to complete the work by Oct. 1, so Village Engineer should submit estimate at once. The proposition will be sent by letter to the tax payers who can vote on it at the next regular meeting of the Board.
Payroll approved. Bills submitted for approval and payment.
At end of these minutes appears the list of delinquent taxpayers [3 typed pages].

July 16
Financial matters concerning special street fund and outstanding Village bonds.
State Commissioner of Health has ordered changes to the Village Sewer System, cost $11,000; money will need to be borrowed. Special election will be held August 4 to vote on the proposition.
[The improvements are to construct a screening chamber and outfall sewer, beginning at the intersection of Schon-o-we Avenue and Washington Avenue, extending through Iroquois Street to a point 10 feet beyond the property line of the NY Central RR, through the Sanders property to a point on the north bank of the Mohawk River, about 50 feet east of the NY Central RR bridge.]
Payroll and bills approved to be paid.

August 1
Financial matters concerning the special street funds, moving money between various accounts, borrowing money in anticipation of taxes, and paying Ellis B. Edgar on his sewer contract. Approval for payment to the State Highway repair fund. Partial payment to G.E. Van Vorst for plumbing at the Village house at the pumping station. Payment to be made to the NY Central RR Co as refund for an erroneous tax, as ordered by the Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York.
Complaints have been made about the condition of the shade trees in the Village: the Street Commissioner has found many trees obstructing the free and proper use of the streets. RESOLVED, that all trees in the Village of Scotia 5 inches or more in diameter at the butt shall be trimmed to a height of 14 feet above the roadway and 12 feet above the sidewalk, that all trees in said Village less than five inches in diameter at the butt shall be trimmed to a height of 12 feet above the roadway and 10 feet above the sidewalk, that such trees shall be trimmed as stated above, by the owner of the adjoining land, within 10 days after notice so to do by the Street Commissioner….or his representative and in case of failure on the part of the property owner to trim said trees the street commissioner is hereby directed to cause same to be trimmed and expense incurred in so doing to be assessed against the adjoining land.
Payroll and bills submitted and approved to be paid.

August 6
Special meeting regarding the sewer project. [The project was approved in the special election on August 4.] Procedure and details of the bidding process were set up.

August 20
One bid for the sewer proposal was received from Ellis B. Edgar, action deferred.
Financial matters related to sewer projects.
Village Clerk instructed to purchase 10,000 sets of Village Water bill forms.
Payroll and bills submitted and approved to be paid.
F.F. Lamboy [Superintendent of Water & Sewers and Plumbing Inspector] may employ an additional assistant at an expense not to exceed $75 per month.

August 22
W.W. Chadsey, Village Engineer, has worked with the State Department of Health to change the plans for the sewer improvements, which will reduce the cost.
Ellis B. Edgar submitted the only bid, which was approved.
Details about his contract and about issuing Village bonds to pay for the project.
The Village President will procure the right-of-way for the sewer project from L.T.B. and L. Sanders [finances discussed].
Mr. Chadsey will be allowed a fee of 10% of the project cost for engineering work and supervision.





Total Eclipse 1806

Hope you were able to enjoy some eclipse viewing!
There was a total eclipse in 1806 in Scotia, and here is a link to an account of that event. https://www.jstor.org/stable/1004801
The next total eclipse near us is April 8, 2024. We will just miss totality, but Syracuse is not far away!