Schenectady County Tennis Association

In Cooperation with “15-Love”

2018 Summer Program at Collins Park for Children

Dates: Weekly sessions from July 9 to August 2

Days and Time: Monday through Thursday, 9:00 to noon (Friday rain date)

            The Schenectady County Tennis Association in cooperation with “15-Love” will present a tennis instructional camp for youngsters ages 7-16.  The camp will run for four days a week and will offer three hours of daily instruction.  Children may sign up for the week that is appropriate for their age level.

Session 1                                             July 9 – 12                                           ages 7-16

Session 2                                             July 16 – 19                                          ages 7-16

Session 3                                             July 23 – 26                                          ages 7-16

Session 4                                             July 30 – Aug 2                                     ages 7-16

2018 Summer Tennis Registration Form

The SCTA will offer comprehensive instruction through daily lessons, drills and games.  Each session will culminate in a weekly tournament.  The lessons will be sequential – starting with footwork and eye-hand coordination drills, then moving on to the basic forehand, backhand, volley, and service strokes.  Lots of drills and games are employed to teach these fundamentals.  For the more advanced player – lobs, overheads, approach shots and spins are taught.  Players are also introduced to proper tennis etiquette and sportsmanship, how to keep score, how a tournament is run and the proper stretching and exercise techniques.

Applicants are encouraged to bring racquets, but if they don’t have any, one will be provided.  Balls will be provided.  They should also bring a water bottle and a fruit snack.  There will be 15-minute hourly sit-down breaks.

Jim Neal will be the instructor this year.  He will have at least two assistants.  Jim is an experienced instructor from Sportime and is currently the Niskayuna High School boy’s and girls’ Varsity Tennis Coach.  Jim is a USTA clinician.  He is a board member of both SCTA and USTA Northern Region; Eastern Tennis Association.